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Guided Tours


Villa Pizzo’s guided tours are open to the public.
In addition to enjoying the uniqueness and beauty of Villa Pizzo, guided tours offer a journey across five centuries of history, showcasing the most significant events of a past that bear testimony to the city of Como and its Lake. Strolling along the garden paths and the Villa, one will uncover the men and women that over the centuries have spent time at Villa Pizzo. The vast gardens surrounding the Villa are also a perfect place for  guided walks to discover native and exotic species, century old trees and botanical oddities.


Villa Pizzo is a private Villa opening to the public with guided tours. Booking is required.

Duration: 1 1/2 hour

Price: 15 Euro/person. Under 18 and students: 10 Euro.

Children (Under 10): free entrance

We suggest to wear confortable shoes during the tours

Booking required:


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Villa Pizzo By You

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