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Villa Pizzo è la location perfetta per ospitare matrimoni esclusivi e di lusso. 

Il suo grande parco, costituito da tanti ambienti differenti, insieme agli interni con i fini decori originali, sono il luogo ideale per matrimoni da favola.

Villa Pizzo has chosen AFM banqueting as exclusive partner, a high end catering service based in Milan. AFM Banqueting believes in a distinctive way of doing catering with a wholesome and seamless approach, where the client’s persona is at the centre of it all.


From May to October Villa Pizzo and its wonderful gardens, bursting with striking and unexpectedly mesmerizing views is the ideal place for a fairy tale wedding.

Within the Villa’s charming gardens, which surround and stretch alongside the lake, one can enjoy the beauty of century old shrubs and trees, cypress boulevards, a botanical gallery of yews as well as an Italian garden with its baroque fountains.